Getting account information

After signing in, you can get information of the signed-in account as well as reading information from NEAR blockchain through the account instance

Read accountId

You can get the currently signed-in accountId with the following code example

let currentAccountId = window.nearFiWallet.getAccountId()                

Get account instance

let accountInstance = window.nearFiWallet.account()                

Utilizing the account instance

Get networkId & RPC

let networkId = accountInstance.connection.networkId    
let rpcURL = accountInstance.connection.provider.connection.url                

Get account NEAR balance

The object returned in the following code is an object typed nearBalance is an object typed as

interface AccountBalance {
    total: string;
    stateStaked: string;
    staked: string;
    available: string;
let nearBalance = await accountInstance.getAccountBalance()

Get account state

let accountState = await accountInstance.state()

accountState has the following fields

    amount: string; 
    locked: string; 
    code_hash: string; 
    storage_usage: number; 
    storage_paid_at: BlockHeight;

Call view functions of contracts

let result = await accountInstance.viewFunction(<contractId>, <method name>,<arguments>)

let result = await accountInstance.viewFunction("math.testnet", "add",{a: 0, b: 0})

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